24 dic. 2009

[WNB Podcast 009] Papol

Hemos llegado al último podcast del año, ahora por parte de nuestro amigo español, Papol, quien nos regala un muy buen set lleno de dub. Esperamos les guste.
Felíz Navidad!
The last podcast of this year, this time by our spanish friend Papol, who shares with us a very good dub set. Hope u enjoy it and merry xmas :)


16 dic. 2009


This year is ending now, thanks woodies for all your support. Without you guys, WNB mean nothing.


Out this year:
[WNB 001] Sergio Soroa - Uno EP   Incl. Mike Wall, Slz, Topper
[WNB 002] The Selph - B6th EP   Incl Redwan & Reagen
[WNB 003] Topper - Invitation To Love EP    Incl Psck, Jon Seber, Nico Förster

Upcoming  early '10:
[WNB 004] H&S - Sugar Free EP    Incl Fase, Mekas, Papol, The Noisemaker

1 dic. 2009

Topper's "Love Can Change" Chart

Topper's "Love Can Change" Chart

1. Topper - Windom (Psck's Childhood Remix) - Woods N' Bass
2. Seuil - Mornig Meth - Highgrade
3. Benoit & Sergio - Full Grown Man - Thesongsays
4. Maetrik - Show Me - Mothership
5. Hugo & Daniele Papini - Arduer - Systematic
6. Tiefschwarz Feat Seth Troxler - Trust (Jamie Jones Remix) - Souvenir
7. Lee Curtiss - South Aphrika - Wolf+Lamb
8. Leif - Designed With That In Mind - Fear Of Flying
9. Michael J Collins - Those Days Were Golden - Minimal And Melodies Music
10. Raz Ohara - Whitmey Na - Kindisch


30 nov. 2009

[WNB 003] Collection Packs

Ahora están disponibles los packs coleccionables del [WNB 003], los pueden adquirir en el bar Horeb (Calle 8 # 37 a 37) en Medellín.
Más fotos de los packs AQUÍ

Precio: 5mil pesos - 7mil con cerveza nacional

29 nov. 2009

[WNB 003] Topper - Invitation To Love EP

Tick-tick-ticking the clock is spinning. Time is running out ... I feel very alone, tick, tick ... I'm afraid! I see nothing around just feel the cold sound of the clock echoing in my head. I ran in the rain, was freezing cold in the woods, so I chose to keep running to warm up with the rhythm of the rain, which became my companion on this place where so far I have seen no light. The watch was missing, everything was safer now.
Is strange in this place there's always dancing, there's no time to rest in this world, a dark world but ... how I get here?
Nobody told me about this place....
Oh yes, was this man, the man with big chains and unpleasant face, he was who invited me to this psychedelic journey which I have no memory of his beginning, but i don't want to find the end.
I feel in love with this place. Im going to make an invitation to you, do you want to join us?

By: Julieta

Release Info:

Artist: Topper
Title: Invitation To Love EP
Label: Woods 'N Bass Records
Catalog No: WNB 003
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Release Date: 27/11/2009


1. Topper - Time (Original Mix)
2. Topper - The Lodge (Original Mix)
3. Topper - Windom (Original Mix)
4. Topper - Windom (Psck's Childhood Remix)
5. Topper - The Lodge (Jon Seber Remix)
6. Topper - Windom (Nico Förster Remix)

Artwork By:
Mastering By: Gurtz

Available At:
November 27th: WhatPeoplePlay
December 4th: Other stores

Supported by: Insideout, Klima, Someone Else, Fase, Mekas, Rat, Dubfire, Julieta, Maetrik, H&S, Dualismºº, Jens Hansky and more

18 nov. 2009


Ahora Woods N Bass en Beatport!

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11 sept. 2009

Woods @ UPB

Volvemos con otra charla, esta vez conjunto a nuestros amigos del colectivo y netlabel local, Monofónicos, en el marco de las fiestas de la UPB.
Ésta charla será sobre lo que hacemos como sello, artistas, podcast, y demás.
Los esperamos.

Fecha: Jueves 17 Septiembre/2009

1 sept. 2009

Woods @ GMID

Woods N Bass cuenta con un espacio en el GMID, será el dia de mañana (2 de septiembre), estaremos hablando acerca del Digital Dj y de nuestro sello (Dictado por Merino), tambien tendremos a la venta los packs del [WNB002] por solo 5K !!!
Ven y disfruta con nosotros..recuerda que no todo es baile!! Asiste, conoce, aprende, profundiza, entiende, practica y ejercita una verdadera cultura electronica.

30 ago. 2009

[WNB 002] The Selph - B6th EP

The night begins to descend and enter into more obscure stories. But this time accompanied by indescribable little characters for my eyes. Playful and full of energy, but cold and penetrating that mesmerized me. Reach chase, followed them to see what they were doing, but they were so quick that could not touch them. Just watching and feeling his music, a spellbinding melody, so deep that i never stopped to dance. Started moving, it was like a ritual, more souls around what appeared to be something that God incited to live. And continued for a long time until suddenly, everything changes and I realized they were the owners of this forest, the creators of this feeling and the bass took over my head again, but this time it was happier. They saw me and welcomed me, my feet could not stop, my body belonged to them, completely. Shadows were no longer cursed to become a reality ... a reality that had always wanted to live.

Release Info:

Artist: The Selph
Title: B6th Ep
Label: Woods 'N Bass Records
Catalog No: WNB 002
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Release Date: 30/07/2009


1. The Selph - Progetti (Original Mix)
2. The Selph - Was It My Nose? (Original Mix)
3. The Selph - Progetti (Redwan Remix)
4. The Selph - Bolivian Jeffrey (Reagen Remix)

Artwork By:
Mastering By: Santos Resiak At Fullhausse Mastering

Supported By: Richie Hawtin, Ambivalent, Heron, Mike Wall, Psck, Topper, Julieta, Rat, Select, Dope Kids, Alexx Wolfe, Slz, Alex Rath, Klima, The Noisemaker, Nano, Jan Hendez and more.


[WNB 001] Sergio Soroa - Uno EP

I went for a walk as I use to do on days of deep concentration. There I was in the middle of the woods, awaiting the beautiful darkness...longing for it to come. The dark night fell, finally, without noticing, it was almost there and I haven´t noticed it, huge sensations of blackness starting to succumb from the deepness...the owl shows off its presence and that is how the journey within this apparition starts, experience that can only be known through the senses.
Reaching to my ears resounding basses full of misteries, like announcing something....something I didn´t know, though I felt....that coldness of the night facing a confussion that did not frightened me, it was, on the contrary, so lavishing that everything exploded....Becaming endless melodies...an unexpected feast but foreshadowed by many....woods and basses overwhelming presence...the feeling of darkness so pleasant I can´t stop dancing and because the owl´s song echoed inside my head, I liked it, it was only me....me and the wood, I walked safe in the dark through the secret wood, in disguise of adventures, in the middle of the blessed night where no one could see me, neither I watched a thing, just guided by the groove of the shadows.

Release Info:

Artist: Sergio Soroa
Title: Uno Ep
Label: Woods 'N Bass Records
Catalog No: WNB 001
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Release Date: 05/06/2009


1. Sergio Soroa - Uno (Original Mix)
2. Sergio Soroa - Uno (Mike Wall Remix)
3. Sergio Soroa - Uno (Topper Remix)
4. Sergio Soroa - Uno (Slz Remix)

Artwork By:
Mastering By: Santos Resiak At Fullhausse Mastering

Supported By: Rat, Berkant Suer, Select, Julieta, Jon Seber, Canary Fontaine, Alex Rath, Psck, The Selph, Frank Haag, Krlox, Klima,

28 ago. 2009

[WNB Podcast 008a] Omar Salgado & Kat.ja

[WNB Podcast 008a] Omar Salgado & Kat.ja
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[WNB Podcast 007] Elon

[WNB Podcast 006] Lauhaus

[WNB Podcast 006] Lauhaus
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[WNB Podcast 005] Topper

[WNB Podcast 005] Topper
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[WNB Podcast 004.5] K.atou

[WNB Podcast 003] Select

[WNB Podcast 003] Select
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[WNB Podcast 002] Mike Wall

[WNB Podcast 002] Mike Wall
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[WNB Podcast 001] Heron

[WNB Podcast 001] Heron
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