30 nov. 2009

[WNB 003] Collection Packs

Ahora están disponibles los packs coleccionables del [WNB 003], los pueden adquirir en el bar Horeb (Calle 8 # 37 a 37) en Medellín.
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Precio: 5mil pesos - 7mil con cerveza nacional

29 nov. 2009

[WNB 003] Topper - Invitation To Love EP

Tick-tick-ticking the clock is spinning. Time is running out ... I feel very alone, tick, tick ... I'm afraid! I see nothing around just feel the cold sound of the clock echoing in my head. I ran in the rain, was freezing cold in the woods, so I chose to keep running to warm up with the rhythm of the rain, which became my companion on this place where so far I have seen no light. The watch was missing, everything was safer now.
Is strange in this place there's always dancing, there's no time to rest in this world, a dark world but ... how I get here?
Nobody told me about this place....
Oh yes, was this man, the man with big chains and unpleasant face, he was who invited me to this psychedelic journey which I have no memory of his beginning, but i don't want to find the end.
I feel in love with this place. Im going to make an invitation to you, do you want to join us?

By: Julieta

Release Info:

Artist: Topper
Title: Invitation To Love EP
Label: Woods 'N Bass Records
Catalog No: WNB 003
Format: 320 kbps mp3
Release Date: 27/11/2009


1. Topper - Time (Original Mix)
2. Topper - The Lodge (Original Mix)
3. Topper - Windom (Original Mix)
4. Topper - Windom (Psck's Childhood Remix)
5. Topper - The Lodge (Jon Seber Remix)
6. Topper - Windom (Nico Förster Remix)

Artwork By:
Mastering By: Gurtz

Available At:
November 27th: WhatPeoplePlay
December 4th: Other stores

Supported by: Insideout, Klima, Someone Else, Fase, Mekas, Rat, Dubfire, Julieta, Maetrik, H&S, Dualismºº, Jens Hansky and more

18 nov. 2009


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