23 may. 2011

[WNB Podcast 015] Matias Muten Live

New Matias Muten's live. Melodyc, mistycal, deep but always groovy.
Enjoy it.

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2 may. 2011

[WNB 007] Egon Orange - Critters EP

Deep in our woody landscape, we find some mysterious creatures who welcome us to an strange land full of colorful foggy woods. With Tresor starts this long but meaty journey, in what seems to be a Critters land. A pretty nice drum arrangement,  evolving chords and reverbered voices are some of the elements of this track. Abdomen is an hypnotic and warmth track, which with his mystical vibe, incite us to join the dance.
In Lady Luck, Egon shows us a deeper and melodical track, a beautiful 7 minutes piece that deserves to be heard again in the peace of our home or even in afterhours.
Mixing melody with rhythmical techno, Boohina is another top quality track.
Psck plays sustaining chords, freezing reverbs, doing funky basslines, mixing voices everywhere in his Ginger Love remix.
The legend of Groove Noir, Benjamin Fehr, made such a great job on his Tresor remix. Downbeat stuff with echoing pieces, voices and little sounds filling all the space in this groovy track.
And saying goodbye to this critters land we find Three Flying Monkeys, with a jazzy arrangement on the rides and drums.

Release Date: 14/05/11 (Beatport)
Samples here

1.Tresor (Original Mix)
2.Abdomen (Original Mix)
3.Lady Luck (Original Mix)
4.Boohina (Original Mix)
5.Tresor (Psck Ginger Love Remix)
6.Tresor (Benjamin Fehr Remix)
7.Three Flying Monkeys (Original Mix)

Mastering By: Gurtz
Artwork By: Acampante

10 ene. 2011

New Podcast Available

Deep into the magic forest we found Egon Orange mixing melodies, grooves, creatures, voices and atmospheres. Here's the result of that mixture, a really mental liveset. Enjoy this magical journey.

2 dic. 2010

Upcoming Release

The second part of Industrial Panorama is here, and this time is about 5 quality remixes. Loquace is the first who appears with a deep driving techno piece perfect for warm ups. Jan Hendez keeps pushing and goes up a bit with a massive bassline and a voice game in the back. Directly from the cold St.Petersburg, Tennisist made a very hypnotic remix full of detailed sounds and field recordings. Miss Sunshine decided to add a voice and play with it, making a really cool techno track perfect to play it loud with a nice sound system. Closing the door of the dungeon, another new artist in our family, HanChi, who made a nice sound design work, created a spooky but groovy remix of Next Door.

Available DEC 11th @ Beatport

24 nov. 2010

New Podcast Available

Our friend and artists on Woods, Benjamin Fehr, shared with us some this hypnotic session of techno. Finest deep and dark electronics in a groove noir style.
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Margaret Dygas - 37 min to 7 - Non Standard Productions 05
Ilektro - Carbon Academy - Klang Elektronik 07
Man-l & Sybarite - Links 02 - The Result (aka Benjamin Fehr & Falko Brocksiper) Remix - Arkitextura 02
Ripperton - The Hill - Digital Edit - Green 
Adultnapper feat Big Bully - Hazy Lazy - Culprit 08
Aline Raphael - Lilomon - S-Max Remix - Catenaccio 12
Onur Ozer - Oval - Cocoon
Ric y Martin - Teiwass - Alphahouse 18
Aline Raphael - Paradis Artificiel - The Result Remix - Catenaccio 12

10 ago. 2010

[WNB Podcast 012] Pablo Denegri - Live At Aula Magna

Our friend Pablo Denegri, shared with us some signals and voices from outer space, compiled in this great liveset recorded at Aula Magna.
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25 jun. 2010

WNB 005 Previews

Hey Woodies, we have just uploaded the preview samples from our upcoming release by The Noisemaker.
Hope you like it, and remember it will be out 10th July @ Beatport.

[WNB 005] The Noisemaker - Industrial Panorama by Woods N Bass

19 jun. 2010

[WNB 005] Video Teaser

Woodies, the next release is coming soon, so while we wait for the release date (10-07-10) we can watch the little video teaser. Enjoy it.

Full of textures, noises, evolving basslines, hypnotic-spooky pads and atmospheres, The Noisemaker, prepared his debut on Woods N Bass. Industrial Panorama will be released in 2 different releases, one original and the other release full of remixes. 
Enjoy the first release of Industrial Panorama.

30 may. 2010


Hello Woodies!
We have some news to tell you.

Our web is almost done and soon it will be available for everyone, with artists info, news, podcast, releases and the download section. In the download section you will find some surprises for you.

For demos and anything you want to tell us, please write us to contact(at)woodsnbass.com

The music part of this update is about Mekas, we have recorded a small video on his last presentation. Hope you enjoy it.